Monday, March 12, 2018

the child, and the adult, within

LEGOs lose how to call

child development levels empower,
even when touched with the tragic:

two sisters play together,
the older fondly remembers the younger within,
the younger embraces the commonality,

till when the older anticipates 
the even older without coming within her,
and the commonality slips away,
her eyes see adolescence and adulthood coming,
and she turns away, for a time, 
from the LEGOS behind her,
including all those elaborate constructions 
of the playful imagination,
that world of magic and possibility
that the child knows and lives so well,

the power within the older feels the pull of the sky,
she readies herself to soar!

later, she can land,
and embrace both the child and the adult
who is within each of us.

by Henry H. Walker, proud grandfather
March 2, ‘18

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