Monday, March 12, 2018

filling in the holes of ignorance

eldered by the new teenager

what is more cooperative and right
than the search for knowledge, truth?
every individual step forward moves us all forward,
understanding fills the holes within us that ignorance digs,

I love to understand where I am ignorant,
where I don’t know the way 
to where gifts of knowledge can be opened,

I love to be helped to find a path forward,

for example, I love space,
 and I know a lot about the worlds beyond us,
yet what a delight it is
 to have my 13 year old granddaughter
matter-of-factly tell me wonders I did not yet know:
of diamonds raining within Uranus,
of Venus upside-down, rotating backwards,
compared to how other planets move,

it’s as if I sit at her feet,
and I feel wonder,

it feels cooperative, and right.

by Henry H. Walker
March 3, ‘18

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