Sunday, March 11, 2018

Svea Oster, a celebration of life

Svea’s Beautiful Circle

hundreds of us are pulled today,
away from the tangents we individuals can live,
toward a center where circle within circle
holds within them picture and thought and love
of a life still within our hearts,
a body who has passed
with a spirit who still animates
connection and community she built with her life,

one speaker quotes a note which speaks to her
of a light so bright that the light lives on, 
despite the death,

a life that cared, that nurtured,
that worked to facilitate and celebrate birthing:
the emergence into the world of spirit made flesh,
of love manifested in each little one unveiled
in the labor that centers the universe for each parent,

one speaker asks for a show of hands of those present
who Svea helped with the birthing,
those most miraculous moments we need to hold close,
and never allow distance to separate us from their power,
and the room erupts with hand after hand,
each of which echoes baby after baby birthed with her help,

parent after parent speaks of the continuing work
parent and child undertake, and of Svea’s help with it all,

Svea Oster’s light burns in the meeting,
on a day gray and drizzly, 
as if to contrast with her pure light,

one speaker speaks of an image of Svea in her garden,
surrounded by flowers, whose radiance adds to hers,
that speaker pushes us all with the truth that appeared to her:
that Svea’s beauty reached back to infuse the flowers,

one phrase encapsulates it all for me,
the Beautiful Circle,
the geometry of a life lived so well
that it helps us all become better.

with love, by Henry H. Walker
March 11, ‘18

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