Tuesday, July 18, 2017

the wild just outside

just outside our assurance

the day ends warm and should swiftly lose the heat of the day,
we open up the guest house to cool while we sleep,

around midnight the quiet is punctuated with short ambiguous calls
as some large animal movies toward the house,
earlier in the week a big brown black bear
turned over the garbage can here,
a bull moose spent much of the day here yesterday,

between us and whatever animals move in the night,
only flimsy screen wire where things are open,
I get up and close the doors,
later, I get up again and partly close the windows by the bed,
by early in the morning I close the rest because it’s cold,

my psyche calls up dreams for me to deal with,
the world outside anchors me away from them
with fears of the wild, just past the assurance we’d like to feel.

by Henry H. Walker
July 15, ’17

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