Monday, July 10, 2017

the birds are everywhere!

it’s a bird world, after all

it’s July in high country Wyoming
and the birds speak to any who can listen,

a bounty of insects fuel violet green swallows
who fly about the pond and me with controlled abandon:
warblers, goldfinch, cedar waxwing, and robins join the picnic,

I sit for long minutes with my telephoto lens
focused on a large hawk in a fir tree
who seems to wait for the right meal to appear,

great blue herons soar overhead,
distinctive in the straight legs held behind them,
the neck like a Z folded against the body,
the beak long, thin, and rapier deadly,
hungry for any meal
which dares to come near its expectant stance,

the osprey nest on power poles,
a sign on the road cautions to brake for

“young ospreys on the road,”

the birds speak and we should listen.

by Henry H. Walker
July 3, ’17

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