Sunday, July 2, 2017

Fire on the Mountain

Here are pictures from late June, 2017.  Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  The forest works to recover after the great Chimney Tops 2 Fire in late November, 2016:

Ridge above Cherokee Orchard.
Lower slopes of Mt. LeConte.
Fire was most intense on top of ridges/hills.
Rhododendron sprouts from base.

Ridge above Cherokee Orchard.

Ridge above Cherokee Orchard.

Ridge above Cherokee Orchard.

Ridge above Cherokee Orchard.

Dead rhododendron leaves.

Tulip Poplar stump, Cherokee Orchard.

Mt. LeConte valley.  Fire swept ridge to right and below.
Hill in pictures below is at lower left of picture.
Hill is downwind of Chimney Tops, upwind of Gatlinburg.

Top of Hill.  The fire burned ferociously up here.
Note the lack of duff, and clear pathways.

Top of Hill

Top of Hill

Top of Hill

View of Mt. LeConte, looking south from top of hill.
Note new growth sprouting from every stump.

Top of Hill.  Sprouting trees.

Mt. LeConte from top of hill.

Mt. LeConte.  Ridge to right is Bullhead Mountain
where the fire burned so fiercely the trail is still closed.

Top of Hill.

Top of Hill.  Heath regenerates.

Burned-out stump at top of hill.

Tracks at top of hill.  Coyote?

Henry and Joan Walker at top of hill.

West side of hill.

Tree sprouts from base.

Pine tree sprouts first summer after fire.

Pine trees sprout.

Sassafras sprouts.

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Sorry about the fire - life eventually recovers. Looks a nice place.

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