Friday, May 5, 2017

on the same mission

To Share the Rising

like a parent
I cross my fingers and hope
that the next adults in my kids’ lives
will love my kids like I do,
will see them at least as well as I see them,
will take care to both challenge and support them,
every transition into the new? a leap of faith . . .

the C.F.S. Upper School play I saw tonight
captured me into its magic,
the students I know and the students who are new to me
all found this production of “The Little Shop of Horrors”
to be a vehicle within which each could shine,
individual strengths nurtured and tailored
to fit into a collective whole
which told a story well—
song and movement and self honed to a sharp edge
so that they cut into the humdrum complacency
within which we can slumber our days,
here a story that seems formulaic early on
so that we want the boy and the girl to get each other,
the Oliver like protagonist to find himself whole and successful,
instead the story rewards a carnivorous plant,
as it consumes the protagonists, 
and later, it seems, the whole world,

I don’t feel a metaphysical message from the musical,
yet I do feel a metaphysical message from the Upper School,
that they have our backs,
that the kids we passed on to them
are well taken care of,

I hug the director, Catey Christiansen,
and murmur to her the highest compliment
the surrogate parents in me can deliver:
that she sees the kids, knows the kids,
releases the best in the kids,
and takes the care with them they need
to keep moving forward,
despite all that can work to hold them back,

at the best, we can have colleagues
that are true to the same mission we live,

thank you, Catey,
for loving the kids so well.

by Henry H. Walker

May 4, ‘17

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KathyLu said...

I love these words, Henry, and how well they connect to my experience of the play on opening night. I brought one of my students and he laughed harder, I think, than anyone there. Hail Catey!
Thanks for creating this great experience, both for the kids, and for us in the audience!
-Kathy Lucente