Monday, May 8, 2017

I see faces

to precipitate coherence into words

my mind disdains ambiguity
and leaps to recognize a shape,
to flesh out what shouldn’t just be pieces
and make them be a whole,
a form that makes sense to me,

I like how often I see faces
in the lines of branches or mossy rocks, even in clouds,
something within me craves to create coherence,
to make sense of what I see,
to find recognizable pattern in what’s out there,

similarly my mind runs a processor 
just below the surface of my consciousness
with some kind of recognition software,
it correlates, coalesces, compounds, creates,
as I use my mind to notice
and to seek to understand what is,

when the conditions are right, when I’m ready,
I access that software
and work to find the thoughts that hint at coherence
and then to find the words
that precipitate coherence onto the page,

then the scientist in me
compares the words to what is actually there, 
to see if I’ve rendered true.

by Henry H. Walker

May 6, ‘17

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