Friday, May 12, 2017

windows through which light can release itself

Arts Eve, May ‘17

toward the end of the school year,
I often start quoting Yeats in The Second Coming:
cusp after cusp appears
with the choice seemingly weighted toward dissolution,
the better qualities of our nature seemingly in retreat,

a wonderful antidote to such darkening
offers itself to us at CFS Middle School tonight:
Arts Eve, a celebration of the light within,
for which we have found windows that help it 
release and present itself, and the world brightens—

dance and video as a class explore and share
the power of fear to hold us back
and the power of bravery to move us forward
into the strength that the best within us wants to share,

the chorus stands tall and sure and positive
and releases the enchantment of song after song, 
both in the whole collective voice,
and in the virtuosity of two or three voices together,

then into the gallery space where individual visual artists
released and shared what their souls and fingers could produce,

supported by music and refreshments and social camaraderie,

the better qualities of our nature shine brightly tonight,
let us remember to choose, as best we can,
the brighter side of the cusp.

by Henry H. Walker

May 11, ‘17

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