Wednesday, October 5, 2016

there's more to "smart" than raw intelligence

intellect alone can’t do it

what does it do to a soul
to have a mind chock full of facts, logic, and processing speed,
and for whole sections of reality to be walled-off from you?
to know the name of every tree and not to see the forest?
to desperately want to connect with others and
not to know the paths,
not to know the rules,
not to speak the language
that can bridge a path across the emptiness
to the others you love but somehow cannot really know,

it reminds me of artificial intelligence work:
at what point and in what way
can a processor develop a holistic self
that can decide and know what to do with it all?

we humans are of connection,
the intellect alone doesn’t reach across space
with the love and understanding that can bond a two into one.

by Henry H. Walker
September 30, ‘16

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