Sunday, October 16, 2016

love somehow found a body

Heinrich Malling, a Remembrance

as we move through our days,
it is easy for those days to dissociate us from the moment
like a hypnotist seems to be able to do,
making us slip away from the shaking power 
that can imbue each moment,
the power that can be if we but let 
the moment come at us with original power,

a person can come into our subdued awareness
and be to us like cold water on the face,
we wake up and almost realize
the wonder that is every moment alive,
the wonder that is us if we can but see ourselves truly,

Heinrich Malling was that person:
he could see us, know us, appreciate us,
and challenge us to find both our center,
the ground upon which we can stand,
and then to reach toward the heights
that draw us to our best,

Heinrich was love that somehow found a body,
a piece of the divine that all of us have,
but a piece that he seemed able to access with ease,

Heinrich’s laugh bubbled from him as if from an artesian well
that could not be held back,
his eyes would twinkle and dance with a joy he lived,
a joy he challenged us to rediscover,
and laugh that rightness back into the world,

our bodies would lose themselves in the bear hugs
that came along with knowing that great Viking,

our minds would love to join him in treasure hunts for truth,
as every plant needed to be known,
every idea needed to find air and light
to see if it should grow,

whenever we joy in another, Heinrich is still here, 
whenever we join in thinking, in learning, Heinrich is still here,
whenever we refuse to settle for the lesser within us, Heinrich is still here,

Heinrich, again, was love that somehow found a body,
he was that of God that all of us can be
if we but find a path as true as the path that Heinrich walked,

and finally his body could no longer hold such power,
and released it back into the cosmos
where we can still access it if we but will.

by Henry H. Walker
October 1, ‘16

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