Saturday, October 15, 2016

the calendar at war with the warmth

a hesitant Autumn

Autumn is hesitant to show herself this year:
in the lower valley, only poplar, buckeye, and sourwood trees
seem to watch the calendar and change,
despite the unseasonable warmth,
high on the mountain beech trees smolder a soft yellow,

the clear dry air lets each be a separate glow
to contrast with stubbornly green neighbors,

the mountain ash exuberantly displays clusters of seeds
with a flaming red that transfixes me into wonder,

over 6000 feet the clouds settle onto the high mountains
and curtain the views into mists of gray,

late morning sun then abruptly lifts the veil a bit
and views of distance and depth shake us into
flying out into deepening valleys and far rippling ridges,

back down in the valley, the creek is lower than I’ve ever seen it,
tawny and yellow fall leaves hover in still pools
and lightly twirl where water eases down its bed.

by Henry H. Walker
October 7, ‘16

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