Saturday, October 15, 2016

the child is mother to the best within

the inner guide

at the heart each kid I ever really know cares deeply for others,
and each does their best to walk a line forward and upward,
stumbles work to trip them away from the heights 
to which they want to go,
false paths tempt them away at times
from what they would know as best
if they’d listen to the guide who waits within,

process isn’t perfection:
perfection is stasis,
and process is the means to find what can serve truth
till we can do even better,
mistakes are how to learn the better way forward
and find how to improve who we are, expressed,
to get closer to who we are, inside,

I hear others with a take on it all
that feels profoundly different from mine,
that the child is in control
and selfishly wields their will,

the effect on others of an action is often troublesome,
yet I contend the glitch is in the program,
that programs can be fixed,
that every kid wants to do well,
that every kid deserves the right support
to find the way forward and upward,
the way the inner guide within them knows how to go.

by Henry H. Walker
October 14, ‘16

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lynn pickles said...

This is good timing....with conferences coming up we should be celebrating the inner within each child and focus on the things they can do - rather than worrying about the things they cannot yet do!

For example....They cannot spell their way out of a paper bag....but what they are saying is priceless....and understandable. "I lyke to go playses wear mi imagunashun takes me."

Thanks Henry.....i'm going to walk the woods rather than worry about what to tell parents next week.....time for that when the sun goes down and I have a beer in hand!