Monday, August 1, 2016

the great maker within

clarity in nature

I like to write in nature,
and not just about nature,
for there is a clarity about everything
when the world is on its own
without the complexity of human culture
and the obfuscation of our tools and toys,

my favorite spot to write is by a mountain creek,
within a rich forest reaching back
to an old growth it once had,

yet a desert or a mountain top can work just fine,

when I’m in nature
revelation can readily come from what’s around me,
yet also what’s around me can help me 
see clearly what’s inside me,
so that I can be ready to notice and clarify
revelations of people, change, and constancy,
the great maker within me
seeks to know and to reveal upon the page. 

by Henry H. Walker
July 28, ’16

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