Friday, August 12, 2016

reaching back toward the whole

releasing the maker within

when I visited my school,
I sought out a colleague,
while this summer beset by challenge after challenge,
found how to make tough decisions, 
and find a way forward,
a way to combine strategic vision for the whole
with taking care of any who need, any who fear,

I see the maker hard at work
in her, in other people, in nature, 
in consciousness striving to wake up,
in the reach of the partial back towards the whole,

that’s how I am as a teacher,
I look deep into the student’s eyes,
and I glimpse the wonder inherent in all,
my labor then to help clear paths
so that the one who can act chooses to do so,

if I’m lucky, I can glimpse them warp into their own power
and boldly go beyond what I can know.

by Henry H. Walker
August 11, ‘16

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