Saturday, July 2, 2016

trying to impress the ladies

turkeys a’courtin’

Alice followed a rabbit into Wonderland,

this morning I followed a female turkey and saw a wonder,
I padded in bare feet out of our yard, down the road,

to where 3 male turkeys fanned their tail feathers together, 
all in a determined effort to impress her and her companion,

I followed them closely enough
for the telephoto lens to capture the posturing of the courtship,
an extraordinary expression of who they are,
in their finest presentation,

I left for my own adventure up in the high mountains,
and I didn’t see them again until late afternoon
as they came down to the creek to cross, and drink,

I treasure the photos I took
of the 3 brothers trying to impress their lady friends
so as to become a chosen one.

by Henry H. Walker
June 30, ‘16

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Olivia York said...

That must've been a very cool experience! I've seen wild turkeys (on the Big Island) but have never seen them fan their tail feathers like that.