Sunday, July 24, 2016

the sky elders us and our frailty

Home’s Little Acre

our acre of home
is open to the sky enough
for sun to slip down
and power garden and blueberry bushes,
even a chestnut tree!

mid day, Chinese chestnut burr

trees block and hoard the sun
till mid-morning and then from late afternoon on,
the night sky, at best, a fourth of what could be seen up there,

mid morning

mid morning, garden, note humidity on cool lens

mid morning, house

mid day, garden

mid day, solar panels

mid day, solar panels

late afternoon, garden, note humidity on cool lens

late afternoon, garden, Native American pumpkins

my psyche is like my acre,
enough reveals to power insight and rightness
with a lot blocked by protective denial,

I wonder about how much religion
came to those in deserts and on mountain tops
where the glory of the sky can overwhelm
the solidity of the earth,
and elder us with the frailty of our moments.

by Henry H. Walker
July 22, ‘16

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