Saturday, July 16, 2016

the earth calling us back

dissolution and me

in a war movie
the protagonist often charges forward
and has to deal with comrades to right and left
felled by the reality around them,
the calling back to the earth
that war can magnify into a command,

as I survive into my late sixties,
I increasingly get to deal
with comrades who drop away from any charge forward,
cancer the most common sniper,
but dissolution has many forms,
a bullet from dementia or a heart attack
just as sure to make me feel I’m on point,

a few years ago my grandchildren 
collectively had four grandfathers,
one is now lost to cancer,
two more are far into the fight with that scourge,

those near my age increasingly 
find a commonality through surgery and loss,

I fear how exposed I feel,
how open to dissolution noticing me.

by Henry H. Walker
July 9, ‘16

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