Monday, May 2, 2016

the queen of wildflowers

lady slippers

today, my feet return me
to where I hoped to find
lady-slippers, a gorgeous pink wildflower,
so exuberant and perfect in its beauty
it is as an indulged queen to other flowers,

I come around a bend in the trail,
and there it is!
I am touched,
and my camera touches it,
and then its sisters, again and again,
so that I can remember this moment of glory,

high up on the mountain earlier today,
I found “sarvis” a-bloom:
a tree exuberant,

one who rushes to be and flower
when winter slips away enough to allow it,

two days pass, and in another part of the forest,
I reprise discovery with two perfect yellow lady slippers,
who have even ruled human feet
to make a side trail to find them,

if a flower blooms in the forest,
and someone is there to see it, and appreciate it,
we are richer. . .

is it? 

by Henry H. Walker
April 29, ’16

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