Monday, May 23, 2016

hours of work, minutes of result

the mundane can block the sublime

there is a paradox:
after the very efforts of mind and body
to get the soul to a beautiful spot—
a place from which energy can flow back into you,
those efforts can so consume your attention
that they can clog your receptors
and much of what is around you
can be lost in the backwash
of movement over stasis,
the doing over the being,
product over process,
mud in the stream,

after hours of hiking I finally get to Charlies Bunion,
and my sense of the “eureka” swells for a moment
and then diminishes back to the mundane:
annoyance at trash left, at sharing neglected,
so much of me lost in my sandwich,
my camera pulls me back out into the scene
to hold the moments
so that later on 
I can be more fully here in retrospect,

I particularly like to captures images of glory
surrounding my students and friends,

all too soon it’s time to trudge back,
more hours of work that frame minutes of physically being there,

I work so that my psyche might remember that source of energy
and let it flow in shivers down my spine.

by Henry H. Walker
May 17, ‘16

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