Tuesday, May 24, 2016

rescuing the day

the gray releases color

today rain seeks to gray the world,
clouds lower on the mountain
and drizzle forces me behind rain gear and annoyance,

a friend looks out the car window
and rescues my gloom by a revelation of color—
she points out the vibrant yellow within the early green of the trees,
fresh and young against the brooding dark of the evergreens,
so like my students compared to me,

she also helps me see the art of the contorted rock on the trail,
with palettes of rusty beige and slick smooth gray upon them,
amidst the tough green of moss, dwarfed heath,
and white tufted sand myrtle, all alpine to the feel,

the day opens into vista and bright sun,
and on the way down the mountain 
two young bears forage above the road
and finish filling our spirits.

by Henry H. Walker
May 17, ‘16

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