Thursday, May 5, 2016

the pleasant, and the smart


I love to be there for upper school theater,

I particularly savor performances of young adults
whom I’ve known in early versions of themselves as actor,
and now tonight coming even more fully into their power,
I also savor actors whose past was elsewhere
and who bring their present fully, masterfully, here,

the vehicle? Harvey,
a tight flame of hope amidst the darkness
with which the tyranny of the materially real
works to supplant the flame of the imaginatively real,

as we grow up we are empowered by the tools of doing,
by the adult breadth of knowing,
and we can too easily forget the child’s tools of being,
the depth that a moment of the seemingly commonplace can have,

Harvey reminds us to hold on to the best 
that the childlike can perceive and act upon,

how to be “so pleasant” and not just “so smart.”

by Henry H. Walker
May 4, '16

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