Tuesday, April 14, 2015

moments without

losses diminish

every loss is unique,
and every loss is also the same
for I am diminished
by each who is not here any more—
to talk with me,
to laugh with me,
to share a moment
that can then become a better moment,

I miss my father
who a heart attack abruptly erased
from my present, and thus my future,
I miss my brother
who cancer quickly carried away from me,
I miss my mother
who Alzheimer’s stole from me
piece by piece over a decade,

I miss my nephew
whose fall took him away from us,
I miss my wife’s sister
who cancer and heart loss stilled her grandmother’s joy,

I miss family and friends and former students
who have passed away,
and left me here, diminished by their absence,
and gifted by the presence of their memory
which still informs who I am,

I strive for loss to be a sculptor
who takes away from the block
and reveals a shape within that can be even more right,

I wonder also when I will crack
from the thinness left from all the carving.

by Henry H. Walker
April 11, ’15

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