Friday, April 3, 2015

a theater calls itself to be built

Performing Arts, Centered

a dream,
of how space can be envisioned
to seamlessly wrap itself
around dance, drama, and music,
so that what is on stage
can reveal itself to be fully what it is,
and what it is can thus be true
to what it can be when talent finds effort,
and effort finds opportunity, 
and opportunity finds audience,

what releases itself before the audience
then has the right space 
in which the shape within the rock
can be revealed by the sculptor,
wielding instrument, voice, body, imagination, and story
so that performer and audience all become greater
as we fight entropy with the light within,

light that can only blaze brightly
within a space that allows it the way to open,
to open into the fullness of possibility 
inherent within creation.

by Henry H. Walker
April 2, ’15

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