Sunday, April 26, 2015

CFS is 50!

how fare they?

as a teacher
I feel myself to be a companion,
for a time,
sometimes a guide,
sometimes as an optimistic mirror
that reflects back the best of the person before me,

another way I feel myself to be
is as a sower of seeds,
and I rarely know whether they fall on fertile ground,
and, even if they do,
I rarely know the fruition,

this evening I spent time 
with some of my earliest students,
and I joyed in the wholeness
of what they have grown with their lives,
I feel just as strongly the absence 
of those who were not here,
those whom I also care about,

I know that my role
should be to make myself dispensable,
and that I have done best
when I am no longer needed,

it still hurts, for I care and love unconditionally,
and I crave to know how fare those old companions.

by Henry H. Walker
April 24, ‘15

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