Thursday, August 7, 2014

"she changed my life. . ."

Ann Changed Lives

“She changed my life. . .”

her memorial included these words that cracked open a door,
through which we could then glimpse the many inside 
in whom she believed, the many she helped guide,
the difference her positive belief wrought within their becoming,

we teachers seek to be a light
that can call the best of our students
to come out of the darkness
and find how to find the way forward
into making themselves a force
to help the world find itself into a better place,

Ann changed lives,

may we all echo such belief, such action. 

by Henry H. Walker
July 31, ’14


Cary said...

Hear, Hear!! She did indeed. My parents "sent me" to boarding school to expand my horizons... She did just that. What a lovely tribute to Dr. Beal and a puff of wind in the sails of all teachers. You never know what small actions will change a person's life!

Eleanor said...

What a lovely poem. Ann was anybody's definition of love. Her memorial service gave us the chance to celebrate her life with others she also touched. An inkling to say hello to strangers at Chatham Hall that weekend--that's what I felt. Henry, thank you so much for sharing this with us. If you are ever in Mobile, Alabama, you must look us up!