Thursday, August 14, 2014

away from others

Alone Time

every goodbye diminishes me,
each a tear from who I am,
till, when I’m alone,
I look inside to see if anyone is still there--
at least if anyone still there has any value,

for we can build ourselves up with piles of accomplishment
and long lists of connection, like friends on Facebook,
each of which can be crutches with which we stand tall,

I need to periodically take away the crutches,
and see if who I am with only myself
feels solid enough to still stand tall. . .

another way I look at alone time
is that I need to not be social for awhile
as a way to recharge my social batteries,
I need to follow my own schedule,
have adventures in which I do not coordinate with other people,
yet instead coordinate with weather, 
with a flower I want to see,
with a trail that calls me,
with hopes of bears as I bike a valley,

screens and books also still call me,

soon I will re-insert myself into the social that is much of who I am,
for now, alone time calls to me to shut down
so that I can soon reboot and be fresh enough
to be fully present for the challenges to which I love to rise. 

by Henry H. Walker
August 10, ’14

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