Thursday, August 7, 2014

Mt. LeConte, and Our Spirit

Clarity Upon the Mountain

everything can be clear on the mountain,
the complex reduced to the simple,

the truth of the effort of every step on the trail,
energy and choice all focused on one step after the other,
the sky open to the eye
with the stars sharply fixed upon a great wheel
or clouds roll in and remind us of the immediate,

like the forested gardens through which we hike,

I feel myself ready to grab the moment
and feel its place within the grand scheme,
we’re a part of that scheme only so long as we know it,
as long as we fit ourselves into the wholeness
that life builds with the material,
the dance of spirit with the body of the universe,

the mist releases the sky in the night
and the stars hold me like a foundation,
every so often meteorites flare for a moment against the fixness,
like a life can be there and be gone but as a memory of brightness,

we find our way through the darkness to the east edge of the mountain
where the day softly releases itself through the dawn,
the dawn clear enough to let us see and appreciate 
the beauty that the sun releases upon the world,

we joy in the moment, in each other, 

and in the realization 
that we should appreciate our own and others’ flares,

everything can be clearer upon the mountain.

by Henry H. Walker
August 3, ’14

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