Sunday, August 10, 2014

let's share the planet


human progress can deny the future to other species,
as our own needs and desires, our own fears,
end up causing extinction after extinction,

sometimes we wake up from our Narcissistic slumber,
and we can then work to allow space
for life-forms not our servants,
but who also serve us by being themselves
within a larger whole that can be us, too,

today it was black bears in a protected valley of the Smokies,
as our biking around a long loop allowed us
to intersect their wildness for a time,

bears can be dangerous,
yet, like riding a bike without a helmet,
their danger is exactly parallel to our stupidity,

still, it feels good when we choose
for our world to still contain some potential danger to us,
species whose existence reminds us
to have wisdom and not just power.

by Henry H. Walker
August 6, ’14

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