Sunday, June 15, 2014

hardware and software


as a father, I am in awe of the mother
and of her primal drive to bring forth and nurture the child
who needs her help to thrive,

as a father, I love the child, too,
yet nature seems to allow me
to walk away from the decades work
of helping the child to raise itself,

those who argue for the selfish gene
imagine that passing on genetics
is the be-all, the end-all,

as a father, I beg to disagree,
for life is more than existence:
evolution needs more than the body,
it needs the soul,
and both parents can choose and intend to the best,

I love for my children to exist,
and, even more, I love to have helped them thrive,

the finest qualities of one’s nature
are just as much the stuff of evolution as the gene,
the software as the hardware.

by Henry H. Walker
May 15, ’14

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