Sunday, June 29, 2014

following the call?

the clock ticks

now that 70 years of age feels to be in my striking distance,
I do wonder how long I will keep hearing the call to be a teacher,
and, hearing that call, still feel right in being able to answer
by being surely there for my students,
each of whom deserves to be able to let inherent brightness shine forth,

as I catalogue my psyche, I still feel ready for the challenge,

physically, today my wife and I pull ourselves two miles up a mountain,
climb quickly, and sometimes steeply, to high ridges,
near halfway up Mount LeConte,
laurel, rhododendron, and galax show themselves to us,
though the peregrine falcon, who regularly nest nearby,
do not show themselves,
what we see of this misty mountain morning touches us,

the fact that our bodies, and our spirits, 
continue to allow us such a hike 
touches us even more strongly,

the effort of job and body still feels within my power,
I love to hear the call and to be able to follow it,
though I cannot deny the clock ticks.

by Henry H. Walker
June 26, ’14

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