Saturday, June 7, 2014

3 advisees, on to high school


in heart, in sport, in academics,
in the fullness with which she cares,
with which she acts,
with family,
with friends,
with the burden of fulfilling the promise
of the great gifts within her.


the examined life, a purity in the seeking
of who he is, of who others are,
of how to find the path forward into excellence--
in the emotional,
in the social,
in the dramatic, 
in the spiritual,
to be Julian is to excel,
and to enjoy it.


as good a heart as anyone has,
despite the self-doubt that seeks to hide it,
a gifted athlete through and through,
the clarity of sport drives him to excel,
every time he can believe in himself,
world, watch out!

by Henry H. Walker
May 28, ’14

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