Saturday, February 1, 2014

a way into the light

the play as vehicle

a play is a vehicle
within which we can enjoy the trip
and find ourselves at its end in a new place,
still the same people,
yet who through the journey have learned
to be truer to the potential of the self within,

when we cast a play,
we see amazing potential that aches to be released,
and we work each rehearsal to clear a path,
so that what can be, will be,
and the wholeness we see in the possible
reveals itself as a wholeness before us,
and each is seen and appreciated,
both as an individual light
and as a great beacon as all together flare,

nothing can be better for a teacher
than for the glory within each
to be released and to be seen,
for potential to find its way into the light,
and to be the light.

by Henry H. Walker
January 30, ’14


Eddie Jeffries said...

VERY nice! Looks like the kids were having a gresat time. Congratualtions!

Jan Robertson-Gildehaus said...

Sweet production! Thanks so much for all who helped to nurture it to fruition!

Thanks for the experience!