Sunday, January 26, 2014

held back by self-doubt


negativity is at least barnacles
that are a burden to carry
and that slow down how fast
you can slip through your life,

negativity is opposition,
and, at its best, can advise you away from a wrong path,
and, at its worst, can advise you away from moving forward at all,

for middle schoolers, those who call me to be a teacher,
the negativity of self-doubt 
becomes hands which can hold them back
from stepping forward into the light,
into being noticed and appreciated,
those not yet in the light fear the darkness around them
and want to spread it
so that all are equal in absence:
how much better it is to step forward and be seen,
the path forward then can become clearer to all,

when more and more find the light
how much better it is than when more and more doubt
and are lost in the darkness.

by Henry H. Walker
January 24, ’14

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pigs rock said...

Thank you for this post, Henry. Wisdom speaks...