Thursday, August 1, 2013

at the deepest?

the language of God?

words work in that universe I understand,
they are tools that help me open doors
to people, to thoughts, to feelings, to myself,

words also pattern how I think
as thought and symbol evolve together
in a strange alchemy that serves me in everyday life, 
like Newton’s laws work in the day-to-day,

I am intrigued yet stymied
by the idea that math is the language of God,
that the deepest principles of the deepest physics
only make sense in the language of math,
and that there is no Rosetta Stone
with which any words can fully grasp
the strange majesty of the deepest rules of the cosmos,

at the heart of my meditations
I work to discover the truth that is before we are,
before our words and the worldly spells
that hold us at the surface of what we can know,

math may well be the key to the rules of the physical universe,
yet I still feel that emotions are the key
to bring melody upon those elemental rhythms,
that only consciousness and choice bring meaning:
how the actor, even on quantum levels, matters.

by Henry H. Walker

July 30, ’13

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