Friday, August 2, 2013

time past and time future, and now?

hidden in the slate

how can any one moment be just that moment?
I guess a drop of water doesn’t remember
when it first came to be
or its life in the sea, or in a dinosaur,

what I seek in a moment
is to appreciate the present
and then to listen to all the back stories I can hear,

science helps as I listen to how rock and tree came to be here,

history helps as I listen to the stories I’ve heard and read,
and I imagine so many more
as I find an old tool and notice a leaving
such as in the subtle shape of an old sled road

or the vision of those who put rock upon rock,

 I like to imagine others here long before me
and to guess at what they saw, at what they felt,

every moment reaches for sure into story after story
that came before and lead to this particular time,
and every moment is also a blank slate
upon which the future will write its stories--

how wondrous and daunting what the slate remembers
and what it still allows to be.

by Henry H. Walker
July 23, ’13

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