Tuesday, July 30, 2019

whole with where and who I am

synchronizing with nature

“Synchronize your watches!”
a common trope in old action movies,

as I sit by a rain-swollen, tumbling creek in the Smokies,
I realize I am not synchronizing with it,
instead, it is but background,
and I have lists of chores, worries about myself,
my nightmares and my dreams,
that occupy my thoughts,
I felt much the same in the Canadian Rockies a week ago,

my eyes and my intellect saw the glories without me,
but my tiredness and my emotions
kept keeping me from fully synchronizing,
except when an animal, a waterfall, a glacier, a view,

broke through to me,
and I was there, whole with where and who I was,
the tones of my life harmonized
with the beauty sung by
the gifts of life upon this world,
and by the world itself.

by Henry H. Walker
July 23, ‘19

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