Saturday, July 6, 2019

introversion vs extroversion

energized and exhausted

an easy duality
that helps make sense
out of what calls me,
my career calls me to reach out,
to see the kids, to know them,
and to give them help on their own journey,
that calling both tires me and energizes me,

so that shorthand diagnostic tool
leaves open how much I am extrovert or introvert,

love pulls me out of myself into other,
I want to help build connection, commonality, community,
I see others' worlds, while also still feeling my own take on it all,
and how the two, the several, can dance together,

I also need to let love for Gaea
pull me awake so that I can find myself
in exercise, in a waterfall, in a mountain top, in a flower,

today I climb up a wild high valley with my better half,
she who completes me, challenges me,
tells me to laugh out loud at my demons of self-doubt,

we slip in to a high pool, below a great waterfall,

the bracing cold and the bracing glory of the place
energizes my spirit,
I thank my body for the effort 
to allow this morning to happen.

by Henry H. Walker
June 30, ‘19

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