Saturday, July 13, 2019

artistry with food

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
a Japanese restaurant

I am intrigued by the artist,
the one who adds melody to rhythm, beauty to function,
the transcendent to pull us out of the humdrum,
to wake us up, so that we smell the roses,
hear the dream, unlock the mystery,

at supper tonight we taste the dream,
savor the flavor, appreciate the texture,

it was as if we were in the painting,
and it was delicious,
it was as if the sculpture impressed the eye,
and then wowed the tongue,

I can cook and my dishes are good,
I am more the rough carpenter 
who can nail 2 x 4s together into function,
the chefs tonight let the grain and essence of the wood speak,

just as impressive as the food were the people,
who, like excellent tour guides, helped us know
what could be before us, and then in us,
every color, shape, essence—perfect,

though life is short, such artistry touches the best of what can be,
and challenges us to reach even more toward that best.

by Henry H. Walker
July 9, ‘19

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