Saturday, May 25, 2019

Tolkien: the movie, the man, and words

Language As Doors

story can mesmerize:

for me, the last few years
have pulled me into the Game of Thrones,
first as books who unveiled character and plot
that challenged me to imagine, to empathize,
to feel fiction as real to what I know of the potential of reality,
to intrigue me, and make me larger,
the production values of the tv series
pulled me even more into the people and situations
so that story became Story,

The Lord of the Rings
enveloped me even more,
as this whole world of Middle Earth
throbbed with compelling logic, 
personality, conflict, and resolution,
the truth of the hobbits’ quests
truer than I can easily feel my life to be,
my every day battles to let my best self be and act,
a resonance, I hope, 
with the archetypal struggles in the story,

I watch a movie of J.R.R. Tolkien:
the greatest magic in it
is to watch the man create first a language,
then to follow, inexorably, the Word,
and to realize the world and the story 
cascading from the Word,

those of us who write, who seek to wed ourselves to words,
and, together, hold power and meaning with our scribbles,
we work to build structure
that can, maybe, hold the currents around us enough 
to let us touch the transcendence that calls to us.

by Henry H. Walker
May 19, ‘19

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