Thursday, May 2, 2019

they come into their power

Into the Woods

on stage young people can reveal
how well they’re coming into their power,

tonight was of virtuoso performance:
actors using the vehicle of the musical,
the ideas, the acting, the singing, the movement,
the scenery and costuming and staging,
to present a wholeness within themselves
that crescendoes into a larger wholeness
as story and relationship captivate the audience,
and we swell toward rightness,

we are social beings who are also individual and unique,
on stage we can be true to the difference as to who we are
yet also to the commonality of who we can be,
when we partner with others in cast and crew, 
and then audience,
to rebuild toward a whole
that is who we are at the deepest and most real,

“Into the Woods” tonight was audacious and thrilling in its success,

as actors scurried to care for costume and self after the show,
I heard the director announce:
“no notes from tonight,”

that they had done so well
that he had no directions on what to fix,

how wonderful when revelation speaks clearly.

by Henry H. Walker
May 2, ‘19

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