Sunday, May 12, 2019

Arts Eve at CFS

art, triumphant

art is when we rise out of the mundane,
when we add dimensions to the plane
upon which we feel ourselves to live,
it is art when we add
the personal
the creative
who can come within us
as if a muse and 
then can act upon the world,

art can let us see possibility,
the way a next moment can transcend the last moment,
the way imagination can spring full-blown from our head
as if Athena becomes real, and helps us become real,

then a story births itself,
a photograph, a painting, a performance,
I have heard of a sculptor 
who can actually hear the call
of the shape within the stone,
that’s how I see the photos
inherent within the possibilities
of the view before me,
a photo can call to me
and I can precipitate it within my lens,

art is the calling that pulls us out of the mundane
to live a time where the fantastic
begs to be born into story,
where the gifts of voice, 
and instrument, 
of the body kinesthetic,
will not be hidden,

tonight is Arts Eve, within which 
the dancers, singers, musicians, painters,
the artists, the shapers,
claim a night to shine, 
and they do,


by Henry H. Walker
May 9, ‘19

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