Sunday, June 17, 2018

helping the wholeness find its way forward

Happy Father’s Day!

I love good parenting,
for I see every child
as a wholeness that can need help
in finding a right way forward,
in the last decades I have taught the children
of gay and lesbian couples,
I have taught children adopted,
as well as those from traditional families,

I am often in awe of the good parenting I have seen,
I am particularly in awe of the parent who chooses,
with eyes wide-open, to unconditionally love a child
who does not share their genes,

similarly, I appreciate the father
who gives his all to the child,
who makes his own way
to the little one, to the bigger one,
even though he hasn’t carried the child to term,
even though evolution hasn’t worked 
to bond him as firmly to the raising,

every parent must choose how much to commit to the child,
I celebrate whenever a parent gives their best,
this Father’s Day, I particularly celebrate our sons
for the enormous love which flows from them
and for how well they choose to give that love
to the raising of their children.

with love, from Dad,
Henry H. Walker
June 14, ‘18

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