Monday, June 25, 2018

an inner need to write

re creation

the school year sputters to an end,
I think, and feel, and throw words onto documents,
in hopes I’ve captured insights about students worth sharing,
worthy enough to be gifts to the village
that knows these kids and hopes to be right for them,

. . . and we’re off. . .

this time to the Central California Coast,
my inner need to write, to create,
to release my take on it all,
fulfilled as pen moves upon paper,
as fingers move upon computer keyboard,
as my camera finds photos
who find themselves as illustrations,

I need to write my poems
and to release them into the ether,

for the life of me, I can obsess about getting it right,
are the trees before me, Monterey Pines or Monterey Cypress?
its truth is the same whatever the name,
the auditor within me needs to get details right,
names for millennia have been much of who we are,
poetic license should deepen the revelation, not distort it.

by Henry H. Walker
June 22, ‘18

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