Sunday, April 24, 2016

taught by the subconscious

truth from dream

last night my subconscious shook me awake about 4:00 a.m.,
my dream full of righteous anger and implausible story,

I thought and thought, and felt,
and suddenly my dullness sharpened,
and cut into my ignorance,
an “aha!” moment
when I realized who the driver was
of an anxiousness that can live in me,

my rational self does process cleanly, surely,
but it takes a submerged self
to slip me truth in the dead of the night,
truth I need to face
and cannot without the help of nightmare,
or even just a dream
that in itself seems of minimal power,
but that, to me, slaps me with a truth
I’d rather not appreciate.

by Henry H. Walker
April 19, ‘16

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