Saturday, April 2, 2016

psyche exhausted

a spring tiredness

just like with the body,
the muscles in my psyche get exhausted,
I tire from connection,
from response after response,
from doing, and doing, and doing,

I feel a sadness rise behind my eyes,
a sense of loss more than of gain,
a sense of glitches in the system,

the more I indulge my self,
whether in pleasure or in effort,
the more I question prices to be paid,

I love my job,
I see the kids, I know them,
and I seek to be my best for them,
I see my colleagues, I can know their effort,
I see what we can be as a school
if we can but find and follow the right paths,

in the spring I often feel so tired
that the joy erupting around me
almost mocks me with how full
plants and animals feel their glasses to be now.

by Henry H. Walker
March 29, ‘16

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