Sunday, April 24, 2016

reality, experience, memory, picture, and word

how hard even the approximate

a picture worth a thousand words? 
maybe. . . but right now
I’m feeling a quantum loss
with either picture or words
when compared to the actual experience,

there’s transformation potential in every moment,
and in some moments wonder can burst forth
as if to make us anew,
as if to let us glimpse the glory
that spirit wants us to know and feel,

we experience, and we can be transformed,
how sad it can be
to share the words
to share the pictures
and then to feel how inadequate
the tools of tongue and camera
and even of memory,
are to experience,

I share slides and words of our Hawaii/New Zealand trip,
and I feel the inadequacy of my tools, of my memory,
of even my experience to even approximate
the revelations inherent in each time and place
we can only start to know.

by Henry H. Walker
April 23, ‘16

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