Saturday, October 31, 2015

two chasms below

afoot on the knife edge 

kids can ask me:
“What is your pet peeve?”
sometimes I answer about how
people can be frustratingly ignorant
of the selfish thoughtlessness of an action,

when I get to my deepest value, though,
I answer:
“When people are not real. . .”
when they are not true 
to the authentic richness unique to each person,

life is a series of tightropes
upon which we must dance forward
with two chasms below:

losing ourselves to the other,
stymied as to being an individual
while we are pulled by the group,

and tempted to lose who we are
to the self-indulgent one within,
lost in a hall of mirrors in which
we see nothing beyond our own ego,

my goal is to be like any who move forward,
even while feeling and swaying 
to the pull of both chasms at the same time,
those who refuse to let either Scylla or Charybdis
tempt us away from the odyssey home 
to the best truth possible in this world,

the best way forward is always a knife edge.

by Henry H. Walker
October 30, ‘15

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