Saturday, October 17, 2015

the light bright through the house

a dream of a new performing arts center

my working life I have given to Carolina Friends School,
to an institution whose existence only matters
to the degree to which we are true to our students,
to their needs, to their possibilities,
to that of God within them that seeks to blaze brightly,

I am in awe of the vision, the dream,
the audacious choosing of possibility over doubt
that those first dreamers dared to imagine,
they imagined a school that was as true to the students
as George Fox worked to be true to God revealed,

I was welcomed into the dream long ago,
and this is my 45th year of living the calling there,
the charge to be true to the wholeness
potential within each student,
every day, in every class, 
teacher and student here work to learn,
to be true to the best possible,

we have found a way to have a gym, fields, tennis courts,
to support the physical as a path to wholeness,

now we are close to a leap of faith
to have a performing arts facility
that can more fully match the possibilities 
inherent within our students
in terms of performance, 
the light can then shine brightly through the house,
and people can see the good works 
that now have so many limits
as to the audience we can know,

George Fox spoke of the light within all,

the Sermon on the Mount charged us to let that light shine to all, 
a new performing arts center can help that to be true.

by Henry H. Walker
October 16, ‘15


Bill Velto said...

Thanks, Henry. I appreciate that you shared this with us as well work through our next steps.

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