Thursday, June 25, 2015

summer transparency applesauce

Making Summer Transparency Applesauce

Buy summer transparency apples at the orchard: they don't ship well.  We buy at Carver's Orchard, Cosby, TN.  Some orchards call them "June apples."  They are extremely tart, soft, and have little sugar.  Their flavor is unsurpassed.

Below is a half-bushel.

We wash them.

We quarter them.

We remove stems and stem ends.

Trimmings on left.  Quartered, then cut again, apples on right.

Add a cup of water or so to bottom of pot, plus 1/2 t. salt, per half bushel of apples.
Get it simmering.  Then cut down heat and stir often.  We usually have it too hot and have to remove it from heat and clean bottom of pot, which has scorched.  Once apples are turning mushy, it tends to stick less.

We cook the apples till no pieces are visible, and it's a darker green slurry.

We remove apples from pot and put the slurry through a Foley Food Mill.  Mother used to call it a Foley Food Press, but it's available online now as a "Mill."  Mother was always impressed that skins and seeds and all would be reduced to a very small quantity compared to the applesauce below.

Note how effective the Foley Food Mill is!

Then we add a LOT of sugar, always more than the conservative in us thinks is a good idea.
This time, we added 9 cups of sugar for a half bushel of apples.

Total quantity of applesauce, ready to be put in containers and most to go into the freezer.
Two and a quarter gallons!

by Henry H. Walker
June 25, '15

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